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Cheap promotional towel in Tabriz

promotional toCheap promotional towel in Tabrizwel manufacturers

Cheap promotional towel in Tabriz with best quality and appropriate prices are produced in Tabriz and after many tests, send to bazar to sell.

Purchase price of promotional towel

Purchase price of promotional towel

Purchase price of promotional towels diverse according to their qualities. And in comparison between things as promotional gifts, promotional towels have cheaper price and are a suitable gift for advertising a brand with its logo printed on them. Promotional towels with dark colour are expensive than white ones.

Promotional towels production in Tehran

Promotional towels production in Tehran

Iran has boom in producing towels in recent years. lots of companies are active in manufacturing many kinds of towels.Zarrinsap is one of them and produces promotional towels with your brand’s logos and is one of the best in this field.

Kinds of promotional towels

Kinds of promotional towels

Promotional towels are produced in different shapes, colours and quality.

they are such as:

  • Promotional bath towel
  • Promotional handy towel
  • Promotional pool towel
  • Promotional hotel towel
  • Promotional dimensional towel
  • Promotional printed towel
  • Promotional towel with embroidery
  • etc….

Buying handy promotional towelBuying handy promotional towel

Nowadays Cheap promotional towel in handy type are most liked by people. these towels are in nice packages that are very suitable as a gift. To buy towels, be in touch with our salesman. We wish you a comfort shopping.

Promotional towels with embroidery

Promotional towels with embroidery

In this way the logo embroid and towels. One of these ways advantages is that we haven’t any color limitation and orders will be ready early. But in embroidery when the logo size is high it will bother the user. But in small logos it isn’t so.

The best washing of towels

The best washing of towels

Too keep Cheap promotional towel quality we must be careful in their washing ways.

  1.  Using towel softener
  2.  Washing not with hot water
  3. Washing with appropriate detergents
  4.  Being careful in drying ways

* note that washing a lot will destroy them.

Our suggestion for you is that to buy towels with light colours because the dirtiness of them will be clean easily with detergents.

Towel’s best quality

Towel's best quality

Some people think that if the Cheap promotional towel is papery it has best quality but it is wrong the weight hasn’t any link with quality. Maybe a heavy towel is produce with cotton but a papery towel is produced with polyester. So we mustn’t choose best towel with it’s weight.

You can contact us to buy and sell this product:
javad hemmati
Communication paths:
phone number: +989144136560
Fixed phone number: +984134774009
fax number:+982189787761
email: zarrinsap.com

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