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export dress towel in iran

export dress towel in iran. The purchase price of gloss towel coats changes according to the quality of them.Selling towel coats in Iran Bazaar is ok, especially the woman types are ordered alot by customers. this is a good news for companies which produce this kind of towels.

Gloss towel

Gloss towel company is one of the successful brands in producing towel and blanket. Of course you know this company with blanket producing but it’s success in loom industry caused that is company produce women towel coats and men’s towel coats and it’s a famous company. these days we can see that selling gloss towel coats is very satisfactory in Bazzar that makes us to be in competition with foreign brands and this is a success for us.

export dress towel in iran

Kind of towel coats

wearable towels are produced in lots of colors and shapes such as:

  • Wearable towel with hat
  • Wearable towel without hat
  • Hotel wearable towel
  • Promotional wearable towel
  • Women wearable towel
  • Men wearable towel
  • Kids’ wearable towel
  • etc…

export dress towel in iran

Women gloss towel coat

Zarrinsap brand is one of most popular turkish brands in producing tawel coats. This brand is very known in Iran and could sell it’s Productions all over the country. Those companies can do their job the best that are in Tabriz which is the centre of towel producing in Iran. One of the best types of towel coats is large size. we will speak about that in the following.

export dress towel in iran

Large size towel coat

Large size towel coats are produced for 2 cortex, men and women. the reason that people use large size towel coat is that they are very comfort in body our mean of large size is 1 or 2 size larger than the person size. By putting on large size the person didn’t feel suffocation Zarrinsap Company is one of the best in selling large towel coats.

export dress towel in iran

Selling gloss towel coats

Now we can say that this brand is so successful. Actually these company works on the major people’s goal and tries to answer all the customers needs the towel coats has good quality so this company can do export well.

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